Extreme Body Modifications

Topics: Body modification, Body piercing, Lip plate Pages: 4 (1671 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Title: Extreme Body Modifications
General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience of how cultures use body modifications Central Idea: Every culture uses body modifications.
I. When you think of a body modification you probably think of those crazy kind of modifications like people changing themselves into a cat or some guy with numerous piercings and horns. Essortment.com says body modifications are done for such motivations as sexual enhancement, a rite of passage, aesthetic reasons, denoting affiliation, trust and loyalty, religious or mystical affiliations, shock value, and self-expression. II. According to Google the definition of a body modification is “The deliberate altering of the human body for non-medical reasons III. Today I will talk about body modifications among cultures and why they do them. Some of the commonly known cultures that do body modifications are Various Tribes, Old Asian Culture, and Americans. Transition: Many Tribes is where a lot of body modifications started. Many tribes practice in the art of body modifications through tattooing, scarification, and stretching I. Body modifications are very common in numerous tribes in many countries.. A. Although there are many kinds of tattoos the ones I would like to talk about are San Yak tattoos. 1. San Yak tattoos have been done in Thailand and Cambodia for hundreds of years. a. San Yak tattoos are a mix of Buddhist prayers and images and shamanistic spells. b. According to Nileguide.com the religious nature of these tattoos, holy men or even Buddhist monks themselves will tattoo people using the traditional method of long metal needles, tapping ink deep under the skin. c. People get San Yak tattoos to ward off any evil spirits and bring luck to the person bearing the tattoo. The next African Body Modifications I will talk about is Scarification. B. Scarification is done by many...
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