Extraterrestrails Research

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Extraterrestrial, which comes from the two Latin words in conjunction extra, meaning "beyond", or "not of" and terristris meaning "of or belonging to Earth". It is defined as life that exists beyond the earth that we know of. They are in other cases also referred to as aliens; these aliens can be in the form of simple unknown bacteria or other complex forms. It is a subject of great debate to whether extraterrestrials may exist or not, because no hard evidence have been made available to this date to support their existence. Although many renowned scientists have never given up hope, they believe that we live in a near infinite universe where there are significant possibilities of extraterrestrial existence. Many scientists have even ruled in their opinions by suggesting that some planets in our solar system may actually have the conditions to support life. Planets such as Venus, Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa and Saturn’s moons Titan and Enceladus. According to Redfern (2004) “microbes could survive and reproduce, experts say, floating in the thick, cloudy atmosphere of Venus, protected by a sunscreen of sulphur compounds.” (p.1). There have also been speculations of extra-solar planets that may be suitable for life to exist. Therefore we can also infer that, our solar system is not the only place for life to exist, but other extraterrestrials may still habituate in other planets outside our solar system. Whether primitive or intellectual, discovery of such extraterrestrials would bring about significant breakthrough in science and technology. Although such extraterrestrials have never been determined or found, many people still believe in them. These believers have their own logic behind extraterrestrials existence. Institutions such as NASA and SETI are among the very few donation dependent organizations which conduct active projects in order to search or seek out other forms of life existing outside this planet. Using high resolution telescope imagery to seek out far distance planets; although simply looking for planets in a near infinite universe may seem useless and tedious to some people, scientists have gathered around a dozen different planets which are hospitable for life to exist. These different planets have the potential to harbor extraterrestrial beings. There are many active searches undertaken by NASA, their Viking Mars Lander deployed on the surface of Mars have recovered many data of gas emissions from the Martian soil. Mars is the only planet closest of Earth; therefore it is the planet which scientists have used as a basis of their contemporary and primary research. In terms of indirect research, SETI have put forward the hypothesis that any advanced society with the required technology would be willing to transmit information. Although the vast distance among planets could even render signals to be void. Their astronomical research involves the search for radio activity that would confirm the presence of intellectual extraterrestrial life.



The history of extraterrestrials and UFOs has been always bleak, unclear and controversial. There was no clear evidence or witness to verify the credibility of the claims made. Two of the most popular and ground breaking discoveries were made during the 19th century, which have influenced science, media and the world around us.

Roswell Incident

Among the very first and popular controversy surrounding extraterrestrials was the Roswell UFO Incident. This refers to the recovery of an alien object that crashed landed Roswell, New Mexico; this was alleged to be an extra-terrestrial spacecraft and supposedly its alien occupants. Since the late 1970s the incident has been the topic of intense controversy among the government and the general public; thus developing many conspiracy theories against the military. According to the United States Armed Forces, they...
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