Extras Book Summary

Topics: Extras, Uglies, Inhumans Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: January 5, 2012
Scott Westerfeld

Extras by Scott Westerfeld fits into the Juvenile Science Fiction genre. It is narrated in first person by the protagonist of the story Aya Fuse. It is the fourth volume in the Uglies trilogy, and unlike the first three books we are guided through this adventure by Aya Fuse a fifteen-year-old Japanese girl whose one ambition in life is to be popular by kicking an interesting story about something important.  It’s been over three years since the cure for the brain lesions was released and the world is slowly regaining what it has lost. They now live without those strict roles and rules from the past, and the world is in a complete cultural renaissance. The story follows Aya and her friends in a world not far from our own where popularity is literally money and people must discover what matters most to them and what they are willing to do to overcome life as an extra. Popularity is everything and will buy you the most luxurious house, the most lavish clothing, and popular friends. Whoever is getting the most buzz gets the most votes. Popularity rules.  Aya Fuse's rank of 451,369 is so low, she's a total nobody. An extra. But Aya doesn't care; she just wants to lie low with her drone, Moggle. And maybe kick a good story for herself. She is the protagonist of the story. Throughout the story she gets help from some other characters such as her friends. She meets the Sly Girls who are seemingly ordinary girls who live on the wild side by riding on top of a super fast mag-lev train while trying to stay away from the kickers. Aya has some help getting it right from her famous brother Hiro, her tech friend Ren, her boyfriend Frizz, the always-helpful David, and the Cutters: Shay, Fausto, and Tally. These eight people discover the truth behind the metal shortage and the inhuman freaks, while once again trying to save themselves and the world from destruction.  Aya Fuse, accompanied by her hover cam Moggle, crashes a party...
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