Extramarital Legal Liaisons in Ukraine and Concubinage

Topics: Marriage, Law, Ancient Rome Pages: 2 (784 words) Published: February 4, 2013
Igor Kyryliuk. 1st year student
Civil and economic justice faculty
CONCUBINAGE IN ANCIENT ROME AND IN MODERN UKRAINIAN FAMILY LAW It is the matter of common knowledge that most of the European legal systems are based on the achievements and principles made up in Ancient Rome. To those types of legal system we can refer even Ukrainian one. Our country adopted a policy which is based on traditions and principles of Roman law, and family relations in Ukraine are based on the same principles too. This research is topical, because we have to admit that lately, the more common forms of union between men and women are extramarital legal liaisons, which in Roman law were called “Concubinage”. The quantity of these relations is constantly growing and that is why has to be examined. There are a lot of points of view about cohabitation without being unmarried and active discussion about it proves the importance of such a phenomenon as Concubinage. Comparing extramarital legal liaisons and Concubinage in Rome, first of all it is necessary to point out the reasons of origin of these phenomena and why it was popular to live together being unmarried. Concubinage was created for those, who could not be married (e.g.: the representatives of senate with slaves), and for those, the marriage between whom would be considered amoral and dishonourable. In Ukraine extramarital legal liaisons used to be called “the civil marriages”, which is not really correct definition but still acceptable. This kind of relations exists for different reasons than in Ancient Rome. Some people do now want to carry responsibility and duties which would take place in legal marriage, but someone just cannot be married because of economic issues. Examining Concubinage we have to pay attention on its peculiarities at regulation of social relations between its members. It was unnecessary to save loyalty in the couple, prohibited presents in legal marriages were allowed in Concubinage, there were no legal...
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