Extracurricular Activities

Topics: High school, University, Extracurricular activity Pages: 2 (619 words) Published: May 30, 2012
Elaborate your non-academic activities (either extracurricular or work), explaining why you have pursued them and what you have gained from the experience. While studying at the Faculty of Engineering, I participated in many extracurricular activities, which help to broaden my point of view. They also allowed me to engage in the dynamics of the society and learn various aspects of life. In my opinion, I believe that taking parts in those activities is very crucial to my life. Some examples are the high school guidance camp, and the Universiade Game 2007. Through my experience, I have realized two things: the importance of education to an individual and the broad inequality of education access in Thailand. Fortunately, it was not only me who realized this fact. In my first year at Chulalongkorn University, I joined a group of volunteer students who shared the same point of view. We planned for months to organize a 2-day camp for high-school students in upcountry areas. We aimed to provide information about each field of study available in the university level, sharing our experiences to prepare for the exam and study plan, and broaden their points of view about the available opportunities and their access channels. Since the preparation and the closing of the camp, I have gained memories and experiences. I learned to manage time, arrange meetings, contact several parties, and carry out activities. I enjoyed the teamwork and earned trust and bonds with teammates and participants. I also learned the art of motivation and I believe that it is the essence of success of the camp, from the commencement to the completion. Several months after the camp, I received a call from one of the participants. She expressed how grateful she felt to the camp and to the conversations we had. She was inspired and saw the world differently. Her study has improved from GPA of 2 to 3, and most importantly she now has a goal and lives her life to pursue it. This is such a fabulous reward...
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