Extract from The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemmingway

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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This extract has been taken from the novella, “The Old Man and the Sea,” by Ernest Hemmingway which was written in Cuba in the year of 1951 and was published in 1952. This fictional novella is Ernest Hemmingway’s last work and is a parable of man’s struggle with the natural world, his endurance in the face of adversity. Hemmingway’s idea of the fishing community was chosen particularly because he had witnessed the plight of the Cuban fishermen and could relate his life to theirs in many ways. Although the idea of the plight of the Cuban fisherman was inspiring, Hemmingway was deeply influenced by the bible, Mark Twain and the two world wars which reflected in his style of writing. Ernest Hemmingway’s “the old man and the sea,” had won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 followed by an achievement of The Nobel Prize for literature in 1954. His experience as a journalist and war correspondent are responsible for the striking simplicity of his plot lines, woven around one or two central characters. The old man and the sea is a story about an epic struggle between and old, seasoned fisherman and the greatest catch of his life. After eighty-four days without catching any fish, the old man, also known as Santiago, an aged Cuban fisherman, had set out to sea in search for fish because his apprentice/friend, Manolin, was forcefully taken away by his parents but dejectedly, the old man had returned empty handed. Although the boy was obligated to fish in a more flourishing boat, he still did not give up on the old man and accommodated him until he had returned back from the sea. The old man had a stressful journey because of his 3 days of vigorous fighting with the biggest catch of his life, the Marlin. Hemmingway portrays Santiago’s struggle through the theme, suffering and struggle. From the very first paragraph, Santiago is characterized as someone struggling against defeat. This extract that is presented to us is the beginning of the book and we are introduced to the two...
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