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  • Published : December 3, 2011
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Why was six afraid of seven? Because seven hours helped students more during their school day than six did. Adding only one hour to a school day could cause tremendous change. Think about how much more students could learn with only one extra hour. That’s only sixty minutes per day-five hours per week. Adding just one hour of school everyday could be a huge benefit for students.

This one hour could be added in many different ways. Classes could all be longer, lunch could be lengthened, or another elective could just be added to everyones’ schedules. If every class was lengthened the benefits are obvious, more could get done. If lunchtime was lengthened though, that may just seem like a waste of time, but it isn’t. It’s not practical, but students could have more time between all the working to relax. The other option could be an added elective. This would be useful if an elective like study hall was available. Students could have a more structured opportunity to study or get an assignment done. Core-class teachers could also assign work specifically for a student’s study hall period.

The main point for adding this extra hour though would be for students to have more learning time. “Students have learned that through hard work, they can excel against the odds. But this requires time” (Gabrieli 40). This means that in reality, the main way to improve a student’s learning is more time. The good thing is that extra school time doesn’t necessarily mean more work for students. It could always just be more time for teachers to explain and spend Garcia 2

time with each individual. This means that both teachers and students would need to take advantage of the extra time. Gabrieli also stated that, “More learning time can transform schools, but only when schools do it right” (39).

What does all of this add up to? Better futures for the lucky students that had more time in school. Gabrieli also had something to say about this, “Expanded time schools show higher...
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