Extra Credit Assignment

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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Extra Credit Assignment

Go to http://www.c-span.org/Events/The-Jefferson-Hemings-Controversy/10737424700-2/ and view the CSPAN video.

1. Who are the speakers and what are their titles?

- Ken Wallenborn, President of the Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society - Robert Turner, Professor at University of Virginia
-Thomas Traut, Biochemistry and Biophysics Professor at the University of North Carolina.

2. What is their position on the dispute involving Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemmings?

They do not believe that Thomas Jefferson fathered Sally Hemmings children.

3. What is the name of Sally Hemmings’ child supposedly fathered by Jefferson.

The supposed child of Jefferson and Hemming’s was named Thomas Hemmings Woodson, Etson Hemmings was also suspected of being Jefferson’s child.

4. List and describe at least three points the scholars raise that support their claims.

- The DNA test does not directly link the child to Jefferson, it just links it to one out of more than two dozen male members of the Jefferson family. Jefferson’s DNA wasn’t even used for the test, instead they took DNA from descendants of Jefferson’s cousin. - Thomas Jefferson had not given Hemmings or her children special treatment. - When going to the White House, Jefferson did not bring Hemmings along with him. She stayed in Monitcello, even though he took many slaves with him. If Hemmings was Jefferson’s mistress, Jefferson would’ve taken her along with him whenever possible. - Jefferson’s youngest daughter, Maria died, during the time of Madison’s conception. He refused to leave his room for a while, so he could not have been Madison’s father. 5. Discuss the DNA evidence that linked Jefferson to Sally Hemmings’ child(ren).

Eston Hemmings has the DNA of a Jefferson, not necessarily from Thomas Jefferson; the DNA could have came from any of the two dozen male Jefferson’s. Randolph Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson’s younger brother, was...
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