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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Extra Credit Book Review

_____Notes taken while reading (2 pts.)
Take notes on the “science” on the back of this card and keep it in your book as a book mark. These will be turned in on the day of the oral presentation.

_____Description of the nature of the book (2 pts.)
Describe the nature and scope of the book. The intent should be to tell what kind of book this is. This is NOT a summary of the book.

_____Summary of scientific information learned (10 pts.)
Describe what you learned about science by reading the book. It may also be appropriate to discuss philosophical ides as well, such as the need to be more critical when considering medical claims, or the strength of the human spirit, or the importance of persistence.

_____Favorite excerpt from book (2 pts.)
Read aloud a favorite excerpt from the book. Explain why this passage appealed to you. Was it the description of the content or the use of language…

_____Your overall rating of the book (2pts.)
Give the book a numerical rating based on the scale below. Briefly defend your rating.

5 = Fantastic book. Would recommend it to everyone you know. 4 = Really good. Valuable information that pertains to daily life. Of great personal interest. 3 = Satisfactory. Glad you read it. Contained some information that you might use one day. 2 = Fair. Could get through it, but definitely difficult to read. One or two items of interest. 1 = Snoozer! Boring. Poorly written. Way above or below your current level of education. 0 = Worst book you ever read. Wouldn’t recommend this book to your worst enemy or the teacher who made you read it! Bird cage liner material!

_____Presentation/Mechanics (2 pts.)
Oral reports should be clearly audible, organized, thorough, and well delivered.
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