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Should students take extra class?

Nowadays, whether a student needs to take extra classes or not is a puzzling question. Some of us argue that extra classes will not only eat up the student’s leisure time which is already little, thus badly affect his or her health, but they will also make it unfair for some students who can’t attend them. In my opinion, however, extra classes are necessary due to the following reasons

First of all, extra classes provide students with a chance of extra practice. As formal classes have a limited time, it is easy to understand that sometimes teachers have barely enough time only to spread the knowledge, let alone enhance it. As a result, the knowledge that students gain from formal classes is somehow temporary. But thanks to extra classes, they can review and practice what they learnt in formal ones. They can even acquire more detailed knowledge from such classes.

Second, as we all know, the social life is important to everyone, especially to young ones. It is extra classes that give students an environment which is different from their home or school. An extra class such as one preparing for university entrance exam can consist of students from different schools, different races and different age as well. Such diversity makes it possible for a student to gain experience in dealing with a variety of people, thus effectively improve their social skills.

Last but not least, in school, it is likely that we can be taught by a teacher whose methods are somehow not suitable for you. Consequently, your academic performance can’t be as good as it is supposed to be. Of course you can’t request to change the teacher of the whole class just because of you. So, what is the right action to take? It is high time you found extra class with a more fitting teacher, who will undoubtedly help you achieve the best of your ability.

From what mentioned above, I can say with certainty that although extra class has some problems such...
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