Extinction and Zoos

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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We have a lot of disadvantages and also so many advantages of zoos that we found our self in dilemma, if zoos are good or bad. The world is changing, cities are growing due to growth of the human population, and because of that, animals are losing their habitats. So one very good point of having animals kept in zoos is to preserve and protect them. By the urban sprawl we are »backing animals into a corner« and with deforestation we gave them more chances to become extinct. And then we ask our self where the deer’s are, that we saw every morning (before new road was build). I think with zoos we prevent extinction of animal species. Another purpose of zoo is to make it possible for people to learn about different animals and also to see it for the first time, without having to travel the whole world. In zoos they try to enable them an environment, as they would have in the wild. So the zoo is a place where you can see all the animals that you wouldn't see in everyday life, with a very small risk of being harmed, because animals are in cages, or they are not dangerous. Also scientists and vets more quickly find what’s wrong with the animals and which diseases they spread and they invent medicines sooner. The first disadvantage of zoo is to keep animals in captivity. I think Animals should live in their natural environment and not in a zoo. And possibly these animals are kept in cage and never let out. True some animals live most of their time in one place, but what about others, for example bear, who walk each day around 70 km. I think that is kind of inhuman. Animals also in nature find their other perfect half, like we do. They don’t like every male or female that comes on their way, they choose from many choices and if they are in captivity, they don’t have that opportunity and they have to satisfy with the female or male that they get. We wouldn’t like that, what if we wouldn’t have the opportunity to choose our partner?. Other major disadvantage is a lack of...
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