Topics: Human, World population, Middle Ages Pages: 3 (1137 words) Published: May 20, 2013
How long will the earth be able to sustain the human race at the rate that it is going with all the destruction of humans? In Daniel Quinn’s essay The New Renaissance, he shows how dangerous humanity is. He shows that we need a change for the better as a whole or humanity will go extinct. If we don’t find something significant to change the way we are living and make it more environmentally friendly then society has no chance in surviving.

Earth will not be able to sustain the human rate if it doesn’t change in the next two hundred years. The human population is increasing every day, where it should be at a one birth to one death rate. Although having a big family with a bunch of children running around is fun, it is not good for the environment. If there were some way that there could only be two children to ever pair of adults than it would have out the environment significantly. There is already six billions on the earth today, and if keeps at the rate it is increasing than there will be a fifty percent increase half way through the century. It will take a lot of power water and money to sustain all those people. Even though that is a terrible thing to think about, Quinn also shows us that “in order to maintain the biomass that is tied up in six billion of us, we have to gobble up 200 species a day in addition – all the food we produce in the ordinary way”(77). By this, he is saying every single day we need the kill off two hundred species in order to be able to sustain six billion people on earth. Even though these species that we are killing off are on the bottom of the food chain we still need their biomass. After those two hundred species are gone, they are gone forever. They are extinct and we can never get them back. Quinn gives a great example of why we can’t keep getting rid of two hundred species a day and puts it into laymen's terms or terms that the average person can understand. Quinn’s example is “we’re like people living in the...
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