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Final Report (Vol. II) Main report annexes
External evaluation of the European Training Foundation
Contract no. 2001 – 3355/001-001

November 2002 Submitted by

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Final Report (Vol. II) Main Report Annexes

External evaluation of the European Training Foundation

Final Report for the External evaluation of the European Training Foundation Main Report Annexes Contract no. 2001 – 3355/001-001 Annexes: Annex 1: Terms of Reference Annex 2: The evaluation matrix Annex 3: List of persons interviewed Annex 4: ETF staff survey results Annex 5: Stakeholder survey results Annex 6: Summary of ETF’s current mandate Annex 7: Summary of evaluation findings & key themes Annex 8: Comments on the quality of evaluation reports Annex 9: a) Framework for Co-operation between CEDEFOP and the European Training Foundation during the enlargement process b) Co-operation between CEDEFOP and ETF – JOINT PROGRESS REPORT JULY 2002 Annex 10: List of documents consulted Annex 11: Definitions of ETF activities Annex 12: Themes and objectives of ETF Work Programmes

ITAD Ltd, November 2002


Final Report (Vol. II) Main Report Annexes

External evaluation of the European Training Foundation

Annex 1: Terms of Reference

ITAD Ltd, November 2002



The external evaluation of the EuropeanTraining Foundation is in accordancewith Article 2 of the Financial'Regulationapplicableto the generalbudget of the EC, which specifiesthat all Communityexpenditure mustbe subjectto periodic re-examination, and Article 17, Monitoring and Evaluation Procedureof Council Regulation (EC) No 1572/98 of 17 July 1998 amending Regulation (EEC) No 1360/90 establishing a EuropeanTraining Foundation.It follows on from a first externalevaluationfinaIised in 1997.1 A second evaluation is now due, and should take account of the changes in the geographical coverage,environmentand role of the Foundationsince 1997,as reflected in the decisionstakenin the GoverningBoardmeetingheld on 27 November2000.These latter relate to the mid-term priorities for eachof the regionsin which the Foundationis active,focusof activities,and availablestaffing andbudgetfor the period 2001-2004. The developmentprocess in which the EuropeanTraining Foundation is presently engagedis determinedto a large degreeby: the evolving framework of Community policy and practicein third countries,as well asthe pre-accession process;and by recent decisions related to the optimal management external relations progFammes, of their contentandpurpose. Thesechanges have led to the identification of a new role for the Foundationas a centre of expertisein human resourcedevelopmentand management training in the partner countries. In addition,the continuingprocess administrative of refonn of the Commissionrequiresa number of fonnal and substantialresponsesfrom its agenciesin order to increase transparency accountabilityof operations. and The evaluationwill be caITiedout underthe auspices the EuropeanCommissionwith of the involvementof the GoverningBoard andof Foundation management staff. and 2. DESCRIPTION OF THE FOUNDATION'S GENERAL OBJECTIVES AND TASKS

The European Training Foundation supportsthe reform of vocational education and managementtraining in over forty partner countries and territories. In doing so it provides servicesto five DirectoratesGeneralwithin the EuropeanCommission(DGs External Relations;Enlargement; Employmentand Social Affairs; SCR/EuropeAid;and in particular,to DG EducationandCulture,the Foundation'sDG de tute//e).

The European Training Foundationis a CommunityAgency:seeAnnex 6. 2

Activities cover four main geographical blocks across three continents: the Mediterraneanpartners2; countriesof the WesternBalkans3;the New Independent the...
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