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Topics: Tuesdays with Morrie, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Mitch Albom Pages: 11 (4266 words) Published: March 21, 2013

Mitch Albom use of symbolism to portray his message….to simply live life Extended Essay
Alisha Waldron
IB# 000-848-005
December 5, 2012


This essay is an examination of the Novel “Tuesdays with Morrie”, written by Mitch Albom in the mid-1990 and published in 1997. The research question that will be spoke upon in this essay is: How does Mitch Albom use symbolism to portray his message, to simply live life? There are many instances where Mitch, has Morrie Portray the theme to simply live life. There are many quotes that help answer my question throughout this essay. Examples of symbols used through the novel are the pink hibiscus plant, Morrie’s Bed, and the Waves on the ocean. This is the thesis of the easy that will help answer “How does Mitch Albom use symbolism to portray his message, to simply live life.

Albom uses different symbols to show his message. For the pink hibiscus plant, its life a symbol that is supposed to mimic Morrie, the weaker Morrie becomes the weaker the plant becomes. He never gave up who he was and continued to “do him”. The waves on the ocean showed to never give up, because once you believe something then it will come true. He might as well just live life to the fullest. Morrie bed is the biggest symbol in the novel. He believes that once you lie in bed then you are dead. This shows foreshadowing. He avoids his bed throughout the whole story, but eventually becomes too weak and gives up. This is where he took his last breath.

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Morrie’s Bed8
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Authors use symbolism because it makes their readers actually think about their themes. It is used to give the characters or the incidents a second meaning hidden behind the visible meaning so the books are not boring, but engaging for entertainment and seriousness and pushes your mind to interact with the novel which makes it more interesting another thing. Another reason for symbolism is to present ideas that the author is afraid to expose clearly. Saying one thing directly as is, straight forward is totally different from describing what you mean, it puts emphasis in the plot and help reading engage in the novel. Symbolism will either be associated as an object, a personality, an action or a state of affairs that gives a deeper message, rather than just blurting out the message. The author might use totally diverse matter, compare characters or things or will repeatedly use constant circumstances of affairs or object to express crucial plots, principal mood or way of thinking. Symbolism will either be refined or deliberate. It can even be used to some extent or significantly used throughout the text. Authors use symbolism after they wish to convey their messages and feeling to their story while not blurting it out directly typically this can be often be intrigued by story writers because it offers them enough area to express what they need to mention, persecute in less words. Symbols are used all throughout the whole story to help Mitch basically get his point across in a more enjoyable manner for the reader. Symbols are significant to “Tuesday’s with Morrie”, it gives the readers a since of suspense. This story takes the reader through various steps as to how to understand life itself, and by reading Mitch’s book one begins to reflect on their own life. In most cases people see death as a sad time in a person life. If you went to the doctor and you were told that there was no way that you would make it, that you only had about 2 years to live, it would be a rough time for you and your family. The last two years of your life would be hard. Every day, of the last two years of you waking up would be full of sorrow and pain. Tuesdays with Morrie is the concluding lesson between a sociology professor at Brandeis...
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