External Environment

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  • Published : January 10, 2013
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External Environment influence organization

Each organization has their own organization structure and strategy to help them get their organization’s goals. Therefore managers of organization should to design and choose the structure and strategy that fit for different types of organization to get the goals. However managers should according to the external environment to make decision for the organization. The external environment will influence the organization’s choose, if the manager do not consider the external environment and choose the structure and strategy can not fit for organization will lead the organization cannot effective to get goals. Hence we will discus different external environment how to affect organization to achieve goals and managers how to design and change organization structure according to impacts of the external environment. The External Environment

The external environment including two types environment, one is the task environment and another one is general environment. The task environment always directly affects organization to get goals and this environment also has four parts for: typically the “industry” and market sectors, raw materials, human resources and international environment. The general environment might not have a direct impact on the daily operations of a firm; it contains government sector, sociocultural sector, economic conditions, technology sector and financial resources. We will find these external environments how to affect development in the organization structure and strategy. Now we discuses that the relationship between the task environment and organization. And human resource is the important element affect organization structure. The different size of organization has different human resource system. If there is a large organization, it will have complexity human resource manage. The company will have many department and they have their own duty. The manger of human resource will...
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