External and Internal Environmental Factors

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  • Published : October 2, 2011
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The four external environmental factors are

The factors that fall under economic factors are funding sources, non-cash revenues, clients or consumers, suppliers and, competitors. Nonprofit agencies relay on all of these factors to survive.

Using sociological factors helps with understand the needs of your community and clients. You can use community mapping, census data to describe the community and the income, education, ethnicity, gender, and age to help with planning purposes.

Political and professional factors include laws and regulation that imposed from a federal, state, and are local political climate. Human service agencies and programs are most of the time operate under laws or regulations that govern service sets.

Technological factors can refer to the equipment that can be used like computer hardware and software to assist develop new treatment approaches.

The internal environmental factors

Organizational purpose, mission, and philosophy are what make up the internal environment. A mission statement is to communicate the ideal outcome to the population that it plans to serves.

Organizational planning should have three levels strategic planning, long range planning, and operational planning. Strategic planning uses information to project future needs. Where long range shows the actions maybe needed to obtain the strategic plan. Operational planning is also known as program planning.

Organizational operations are standard reviews and assessment of the program and the services that are offered.

Human resources also known as personnel, they are involved with the recruiting process, hiring, and retention. Human resources personnel make sure that the agency employees are responsible for supervision, management, and administration meets general parameters of the laws.

Technological resources compares inventory on had to insure facilities and equipment are...
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