Extensive use of Credit Cards has Lead Americans to Debt

Topics: Interest, Debt, Credit card Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: June 20, 2011
THESIS (part of paragraph 1): Using a credit card leads most Americans into debt. Be careful making statements about “most” Americans

I. Primary support point 1 (paragraph 2): Reasons to not use credit cards Supporting details:
A. the expansion of credit that let America get into trillions of dollars in consumer debt has been made available by the easy use of credit cards
1. the economic collapse could have been prevented
2. why expand it more?
B. Credit cards increase your risk of identity theft
C. Credit cards add another monthly bill to worry about general
D. Credit cards are a fast track to debt
1. this is financial slavery, not freedom
Talk about hidden fees and charges

II. Primary support point 2 (paragraph 3): There is no positive side to credit card use. Supporting details:
A. If you use a credit card you will spend more.
1. Even when you pay bills on time you are not beating the system
2. Most families don’t pay on time be careful with “most” statements
B. When you pay cash you can feel the money leaving you
1. This does not happen with credit cards
2. putting a credit card onto a counter registers nothing emotionally
C. Personal finance is 80% behavior
1. cut out habits that make you spend more
2. you do not build wealth with credit cards
3. you cannot beat the credit card companies
III. Primary support point 3 (paragraph 4): Why credit card debt leads to bankruptcy A. Using a credit card to purchase something at a store you are not just paying for the cost of the product but also the interest rate.

1.This depends on how much interest is being charged every month
2. This increases the cost of everything you buy
B. If you pay only the minimum amount every month the interest gets charged and this increases the cost of everything purchased
C. To lower credit card debt
1. take advantage of cards that offer lower introductory interst rates.
2. chose a card that does not any other fee...
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