Extension History Proposal

Topics: Robert I of Scotland, Battle of Bannockburn, William Wallace Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: February 3, 2013
History Extension – Proposal

Preliminary Research
I originally research Robert the Bruce through biographies and articles relating to him, this gave me the opportunity to have a better understanding of my chosen topic, as I had no real knowledge of his history and his actions. When I decided that I wanted a more in depth look into the life of Robert the Bruce I bought two books that featured him as the main focal point. One was a historic biography and the other was a fictitious account of his life. Was Robert the Bruce the English supporter, the Scottish rebel, or a puppet to his father’s whims?

Enquire question?
Puppet or Hero, Why are there such different representations of Robert the Bruce?

Areas of Topic/Issues
In the 14th century Robert the Bruce was immortalized in the book “The Bruce”, Barbour the author of this book grew up surrounded by tales of Robert’s actions. This led to what even he claimed to be a romanticized version of events. Is this the beginning of the legend of Robert the Bruce and his place in history as a hero of Scotland? In the late 20th century the historian R.M Scott released a biography was written about Bruce, and while there is no conclusion drawn from this book, it gives us an account of all the events of Robert’s history and leaves us to conclude whether he was a hero or villain. Finally in 1995, the movie Braveheart came into being and with it the final representation of Robert the Bruce. A view that shows him as a weak and childish man who was ruled by his father and used as a “puppet”. Even though at the end of the movie it shows a redeemable side to the Bruce’s character, the beginning of the movie is filled with negative representations of his nature, and I will hopefully use these differences to contrast to my other sources.

“Robert the Bruce: King of Scots”, Ronald McNair Scott, (1982) “Scotland and Nationalism”, Christopher Harvey (1977)
“Tales of a Scottish Grandfather: From...
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