Extension History Draft Proposal - Ancient Maya

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  • Published : December 5, 2010
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Extension History Assessment Task 2
Project Draft Proposal

For my Extension History Project, I have researched and considered doing many multiple civilizations from the ancient world. I have more of a passion for these civilizations rather than those from a more modern era as I love the simplicity of their life and cultures and the pure brilliance they brought to the world – the sophistication and advanced nature of them all. More specifically, I have a fascination with the Mesoamericans so when I looked specifically at civilizations such as the Aztecs, the Maya, The Inca, the Native North Americans, the Phoenicians and the Vikings, its clear to see that this fascination dominated my research. From here, I eliminated possible topics through the different issues surrounding each civilization that I either could, or couldn’t use. An example of this would be such things as the Spanish overthrow of the Aztecs, the colonization of the Native Americans and the unknown reasons for the collapse of the Mayas. From here, I decided to follow through with more research on the collapse of the ancient Maya civilization as I concluded that this would provide me with enough controversy and differing theories to create a solid basis for my project.

Currently, I am focusing on the question “What caused the collapse of the ancient Maya civilization and how have theories changed over time?” because I believe it gives me a strong point to research and discuss. Another area of research I considered taking with the Maya civilization was that of the accuracy of the prophecies of the ancient Maya calendars but alas, decided to stick with the question previously mentioned.

So far, my research into the topic has involved the use of multiple sources. I initially started off with only internet research on the different civilizations I could do, homing the precise topic down to the Maya. Once I’d done this, I abandoned the use of internet resources and borrowed books from the...
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