Extension English 1 Hard Boiled Essay

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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‘It is the moral struggles of the ‘Private Investigator’, coping with the forces of good and evil in his world, as much as an investigation of a crime, that responders find so appealing in ‘hard boiled’ crime fiction.’ Write an essay in which you personally evaluate the extent to which this statement is a fair assessment of the ‘hard boiled’ sub-genre in Crime Writing. You need to make direct reference to at least four texts (excerpts, images, book covers, films, novels, cartoons, comics, other sources) in your response. * The times were depressing and sad, therefore people believed that it was better to read stories that reflected the times * Moral struggles = flaws, therefore seems more real

* Made the characters seem more real
* The struggle with the woman who didn’t know her place = reflection on the insecurity of the men returning from WWII; men struggled with their relations with women much like the detectives did * Femme fatale = the woman who didn’t know her ‘place’ and slightly rebelled * Prohibition = hard drinking and smoking detectives became appealing because they appeared to rebel * They broke the law to help with their investigations, but this showed that they were willing to do whatever it took to make things right again * The moral struggles made the detective and the story more unpredictable which could be considered a nice change from the very clean cut, straight and narrow golden age crime stories * Characters such as Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe epitomised the detective in this genre

First page of Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter

The economic boom post WWI, in conjunction with the introduction of prohibition in 1920, encouraged the rise of gangster activity and organized crime in America. It filled the American streets with crime, violence, poverty, drinking and even death, leading to the introduction of hardboiled fiction. This genre of crime fiction was originally developed...
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