Extended School Year

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Extended School Year

Some people are concerned about academic achievement in the twenty first century.

For example, a proposed solution to this problem would be to extend the school year.

Students in in United States only attend school 180 days while many other countries

around the globe attend school in upwards of 240 days. Extending our school year would

give more time for learning and covering material needed to be successful in life. As a

parent, I believe we should extend the school year.

First, an extended school year, would mean less time reviewing the previous school

year. Most children forget a lot of what they learned over the long summer break.

Furthermore, extra time in school could lead to students grasping academics better and

have more time to learn. It would also allow more time for teachers to prepare lessons.

Extending school would allow more time to test children and make sure they are learning

at their grade level and help those that are not become successful. Looking back on my

school life, I believe if I had had more time to complete an assignment the outcome of my

grades would have been much better. Why? Because I would have had more time for

understanding and time to ask questions. Extending school would be beneficial to students

by allowing more time which means no lapse in the academics learned.
An extended school year would lower the high risk behaviors in adolescents. This

happens in the Summer months when children are left unsupervised. Parents are working

and children are left taking care of themselves. As a teenager once myself, it allowed me to

have friends over that I shouldn’t have had in the house. I roamed the streets getting in to

trouble by going to places that I knew were off limits. It allowed me to be around friends

that influenced behaviors such as stealing. It’s just a dangerous time to leave children...
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