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  • Published : December 20, 2010
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To what extent social factors especially academic pressure cause Korean teenagers to commit suicide?

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Song da hin

Extended Essay

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To what extent social factors especially academic pressure cause Korean teenagers to commit suicide?1 Abstract3
Causes contributing Korean teenagers commit suicide5


‘Committing suicide’ is now Korea’s second leading cause of death for ages from 15 to 24 (NIMH, no date published). From my research, I hope this will alert parents, teachers, friends and even strangers to think about solutions before we get more people suffering from suicidal attempts.

The reasons for teenagers committing suicide vary from bullying, depression, diseases and sickness, taking much drink and drugs, media, family problems including economy and the last and most important, society. First, it can be about bullying. Teenagers usually tend to reject or isolate a classmate who is different from them; internally or externally. Second, depression which is very much related to the first cause but it does not always come from bullying but also from lots of circumstances. This can be about family relationship, friendship, or any other problem that s/he is facing on. Third, diseases and sicknesses can be another reason. When a teenager is in adolescent period, s/he turns emotions quickly and easily gets stressed with a very minimal reason. Fourth, taking much drugs and alcohol can be another cause. These affect badly on humans’ bodies especially teenagers’ because their bodies are not fully developed. Drugs are the most dangerous thing for teenagers. Fifth, media especially the internet can be another cause. Today’s media especially the commercials on beauty products also has an enormous sociological and psychological affect on adolescent girls.

Amongst all, the most important reason why Korean teenagers commit suicide is because of the society problems that Korean students are facing. Especially for Korean teenagers, they always have to remember the relationship with friends, respect adults, the pressure they get from parents to get better score, thinking about universities and relationship with teachers.

The rate of teenagers trying to commit suicide is 60% for male students and 44% for female students and the reason why Korean reporters do not publish news on teenagers committing suicide is because it may cause teenagers to think about committing suicide in a more detailed way. (Ahn, S. B. 2010)


The reason why people commit suicide can be stated from a report. The report says ‘to be born is not our choice but to die can be decided.’ (MamasHealth, 2010) People especially teenagers are in adolescence, a stressful developmental period with lots of changes: changes in body, thoughts and feelings. Therefore their limitation of not coping well with pain and confusion they face, they feel stressed and pressured about it and they think committing suicide is a way to end their sufferings. Also, teenagers considering themselves as victims who cannot get help from others; parents, family and teachers, they tend to decide own their own without consulting with anyone who is even close to them. Through this, we can state that the characteristics of teenagers; limit in solving problems and making errors in their behaviors, people have to be aware of this fact that teenagers feel easy to commit suicide than adults. This means that they do not solve problems logically but they try to solve the problems in a trouble-free and immediate ways that they think it is better. On a webpage offering statistics of cause on teenage death; South Korea’s second leading cause of death for ages from 15 to 24 is from committing suicide. (NIMH, no date published)

The reason why I chose this topic is because my country, South Korea is suffering so much from teenagers committing...
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