Expressive Essay on Influential People

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  • Published : March 26, 2011
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There are a couple of people in my life today I could relate as having an influence on my life. My Grandparents, my mother and certain friends I have known a while and only seen now that some attributes I have, are because of them. Most times we as people try to think we have built ourselves up in a certain way without realizing that we are a certain way or choose not to do certain things because the people in our lives have had an influence on us. It has taken me twenty years to appreciate what an amazing influence my mother has been on my life. I didn’t know my mother well until I was 15 years old. She left when I was five to pursue her bachelor’s degree and masters in pharmacy in Bulgaria. She would come eventually for holidays when she could but all her visits seem very vague to me. Her being away for such a long time had in some way caused the divorce to happen between her and my father. I could tell it was a very hard time for her but gradually she began to support herself and got back on her feet. My mother has had an incredible influence on making me the person that I am today. Because of her, I am very hard working, I stay motivated and determined and I am a go getter.

My mother showed me her enthusiasm through her hard work. I was ten years old when my I made my first decision about what I wanted to study in college. I had looked forward to going to study law and become an attorney. Slowly, that image started to fade out. By the time I was a teenager, I realized just how much I wanted to work hard and become a lawyer. I began to notice the hard work my mother put into her job and how enthusiastic she was. She had such a strong work ethic and kept going no matter what came her way. My mother is a pharmacist and has five jobs. I do not know where she gets the energy from but she manages being a pharmacist, teaching part-time pharmacy classes, sitting on the Board of Directors for the Ministry of Health, working part time in a private hospital and...
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