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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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1. Do you think people should be stopped from twitter and blackberry messenger when it is known that they are planning to riot. Give reasons for your answer - I don’t think they should be stopped, because it wouldn’t be fair to walk up to someone and accuse them on planning a riot on their blackberry, and if the police did take their blackberry, or go on to their twitter accounts, that would be against their right to privacy.

2. Should the people who try to arrange riots or violence be prosecuted? -I think they should because they are putting other people health at risk. 3. Mr Cameron had proposed tougher curfew powers in case this happens again, do you think this would help is another riot like this broke out? -I think this would help a lot, but the rioters don’t seem to listen, so I doubt they would stick to the curfew. 4. Mr Cameron also wanted to give the police powers to order people to remove facemasks when they are suspected of being criminals. I) what are your thoughts on this? – I don’t think it wouldn’t be very fair to walk up to a random person in the street and accuse them of being a criminal, but if you saw them doing something illegal, I think it would be fair to ask them to remove their mask. ii) Would it work? Should it be imposed? – I’m not sure because some people wear facemasks as part of their religion, and it wouldn’t be fair to ask them to remove it. Iii) Should woman who wears Burka’s be included in this? – I don’t think it would be fair to ask one person to remove their mask, and allow another because its part of their religion, but it would be disrespectful to ask an religious person to remove their mask.

5.Many people believe that the courts should have tougher sencting powers for you believe that the courts should be allowed to put people in jail or do you think things like tagging are better ? - There are people as young as 12 in the riots,and 12 is to young to go to jail,so it wouldent be fair to say to...
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