Expressions of Arts

Topics: Art, Regulation, Artist Pages: 1 (254 words) Published: December 18, 2012
The Art can be express through many ways. Artists use images, songs and words to explain how they see the world. Furthermore, art expressions could be against the government ideas, consequently artists could be restricted on show their thoughts.

Firstly, obscene artist expressions in videos and pictures should be restricted by the government because it has to keep the order and the good customs in its country. Secondly, some art expressions like graffiti make the streets very ugly and dirty so, country’s authorities should regulate those kinds of artistic manifestations.

On the other hand, artists have an open and free view about things thus, the government can not control creative artistic expressions because these are very personal. In addition, artists need to reflect what they are thinking so, they find in art manifestations the best way to do it. The government has to respect the thought of the people.

After all, I disagree with the extend that should be no government regulations because through the art we can give education to the people consequently, the government has to control the different art expressions in order to guarantee the education. For example the Reggaeton song called “tirate un paso” which is sung by “Daddy Yankee” promotes consume of drugs so, that kind of song should be restricted by the government of our country.

In summary, the government has the responsibility to restrict the artistic expressions that people are going to receive in their country to guarantee the good moral and principles of the people.
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