Expression of Faith

Topics: God, Monotheism, God the Father Pages: 1 (319 words) Published: April 10, 2013
By: Julie Ann De Villa Sadsad

It was said to be that ahead of time, we would only hear the name of God in times of need, as we say “Lord, tulungan mo po kami!”. Perhaps, this expression of Filipinos invokes the presence of God somewhere in our mind during crisis and harsh situations in our lives. Admit it or not, some of us just remember God as we become more vulnerable to challenges. King Walter Lalamunan, my former classmate when I was in Senior Highschool, therefore realized the real essence of faith in God when problem comes his way. King Walter belongs in a family with six members. His father is a laborer and his mother is a plain housewife. And among those four siblings, there are three are still studying right at that time. According to him, as common in our nature, they often encounter financial problems. Consequently, they usually save money as hard as they can. But, there are times that still it’s not enough and so, they end up lending money from their neighbor and sometimes goods on the nearby Sari-sari Store. “However, that is just one of those problems that usually confront us”, Walter said. ” And you know, as we overcome these problems of our life day by day, I have realized that God is really there for us, he won’t forsake us no matter what happen. And it is mainly the reason why I feel so guilty and so my principle had undergone a radical change. Now, I realized that approaching God is not only in times of need instead, it must be more on in times of thanks giving and times of repenting sins.” He added. Furthermore, in cognizant to that matter, we should also realize that as a Christian, we must be all united and live with the sense of patriotism and faith to Almighty God!
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