Exposure, Attention, and Comprehension on the Internet

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Exposure, Attention, and Comprehension on the Internet

Consumer Behaviour :
Marketing Strategy in Action: Exposure, Attention, and Comprehension on the Internet

Case Study Background :

Case Study Background @ 8 Marketing Strategies on Internet:
1. Creating a good site name .
2. To have the most popular extension. - make sure the site comes up near to the Top 30 of the list on any web searches. 3. Try to reach out proactively to potential customers and brings them to your site. (Traditional ads: T-shirts, Radio spot ,......) 4. Use sports sponsorship to increase visibility.

5. Banners ads.
6. Partnerships to reach people who are online.
7. Pay people.
8. E-mail campaigns

Question 1: Consider the e-mail campaigns discussed in the case. Why do you think these campaigns were successful? :

- The client who are interested. - Low cost. - Immediate. - Interactive. - Help to spread your message to many clients at the same time 24 / 7 anywhere in the world. - Not expected to visit customers, but offering them the letter. - Make the work easier and can detect immediately if the e-mail addresses are wrong (typing error, bounced email). - Help to increase in the volume of sales.

Question 1 (b) Discuss the attention processes that were at work.

• Factors Influencing Attention
• Variation in Attention
• Marketing Implication


Factors Influencing Attention :
Factors Influencing Attention Involvement
- determined by the means
- end chains activated from memory, related affective responses, and arousal level. – consumers who experience high involvement because of an intense need will focus their attention on marketing stimuli that are relevant to their needs.

Environmental Prominence
- to attract attention of consumers.
- marketers should create the features of their product as something that can stimuli in the environment.

Marketing Implications :
Marketing Implications
Intrinsic Self-Relevance
- marketers should identify the product or service consequences and values towards consumers. - design strategies to link the meaning to the products.
Situational Self-Relevance
- marketing strategies involve creating and modifying consumer’s environment. - eg: consumers receive a mail brochure describing RM1,000 contest sponsored by a magazine. Later, it will generate the feeling and interest to buy the magazine to know the winner.

Question 1 (c) Do you see any potential drawbacks to this type of marketing?

Spam - number of people consider all commercial email as spam and wont even look at commercial email - legitimate Internet marketers have to play word games in order to get their emails delivered to their subscriber’s inboxes. Set up email account solely for online purposes and another email for all online transactions and postings. People without email - use their email only for work and wont give them out to commercial vendors or publicize them.

Some email provides users to white list particular addresses or domains. Blacklists - occur because subscribers always report the emails as spam. - it stops all email to those clients.

Question 2: During the 2000 Super Bowl, ABC invited viewers to visit its Enhanced TV Web site. Fans could play trivia, see replays, participate in polls and chat rooms and view player statistics. The site received estimated 1 million hits. Why? Frame your answer in terms of exposure, attention and comprehension.

ABC's Enhanced TV is a LIVE Interactive Television experience on the Internet that the TV viewer, to interact with the broadcast of some of their favorite shows. Viewers can play games, vote in polls, answer trivia questions, compete to win prizes, and get background information while watching their favorite shows. Provides coverage of various sports, entertainment and reality programs and awards shows including Monday Night Football, the Academy Awards, Super Bowl and Super Millionaire, www.etv.go.com

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