Expository Writing

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  • Published : April 24, 2012
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Expository Writing
As a kid growing up in Haiti, dreams are rare and people are not as knowledgeable as some people in the United State because of financial reasons. I myself would not let that stop me because deep down in my heart I believe dreams, goals and desire are worth fighting for. I would not give up until my dreams and goals become reality but I will not stop there, I will keep on expending my knowledge on different subject and dreams that interest me in life. While growing up I have developing a specific and unique talent, that later will help me to become where I am suppose to be and who I want to be in life. That specific and unique talent that I have develop as a child like most successful artist, is finding a unique way that will help you to get better every day. As an artist it is very important to be looking at the world in a unique way, like the world was a puzzle or code that need to be crack, you are here to find it weaknesses and how it function. When I was seven years old, I seen art as a way to express feeling, emotions and character without being judge by people. It was a way to free your mind lets you thought go wild. As a child growing up in Haiti with much more less art supplies to work with, I became discourage and afraid that I wouldn’t have the chance to express myself in an ingenious way. As day go by I started to have my confident self back and this time with more knowledge on how to better you within yourself. So I find a way to develop my mind everyday and keep it effective, I would draw with pencils and crayons but mostly with pencils, by drawing every day and keeping record on what I drew help me to see how much I grown from the start. At the age of ten years old I was able to draw a clear picture of anybody even though it was not accurate but you could tell that it was that person. My cousin who was a famous artist in my neighborhood encourages me to draw more often. He said I should offer to draw people‘s picture in that...
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