Expository: the Zombie Survival Guide

Topics: The Zombie Survival Guide, Zombie apocalypse, Zombie Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Expository Essay
The 3 step guide to surviving a zombie outbreak. This guide is meant to help those who Know that a zombie apocalypse is going to happen and isn’t properly ready. The zombie outbreak guide is a source of wisdom and guidance to those who seek. We know this apocalyptic event is inevitable and really would hate to see it. This guide will tell you how to gather supplies, how to kill a zombie, and lastly what to and what not to do. So enough delay let’s get to the guide.

Our first step to the guide is gathering supplies. 1. Get weapons, weapons are going to be one main key to you surviving. When getting weapons there is not one type of weapon you don’t try and grab. From a kitchen knife to a BAZOOKA do not pass it up ever weapon counts. 2. Find transportation. Getting a set of wheels is going to be really important as well. When getting a car you have to choose kind of wisely if possible. The reason I say that is because you are going to have people with and it’s where you are going to be most of the time. 3. Getting food and medical supplies. These types of supplies are going to be hard to find later on so always try and get them right away.

Our second step to this zombie survival guide is: Killing a zombie. Now there are many ways of killing a zombie, such as shooting it up or stabbing it to death. However the most effective way of killing a zombie is simply shooting it in the head. Yes one bullet to the brain is all it takes to take a zombie down. The reason why you shoot a zombie in the head is because their brain is still working. Even though they are dead they are not brain dead hence the term “ living dead”.

Our last step to this survival guide is knowing what to and what not to do. You ask what kind of step is this, but this is a very important step. Now starting with things you should do. 1. Never leave your group or get separated. 2. Always know how many supplies and weapons you have. 3. Take turns being on the lookout while others...
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