Expository Essay. Strong Sense of Self

Topics: A Cinderella Story, English-language films, The Breakfast Club Pages: 2 (894 words) Published: February 9, 2011
It is important to have a strong sense of self in order to withstand pressures society places on us. We all act a certain way to be accepted by those around us. Identity is what is distinguished as our individuality and is influenced by others, to belong is to be accepted in society. Such ideas of identity and belonging can be seen through a range of characters such as Meryl in Bombshells, who is portrayed as a single mother of three who is very paranoid about what others think of her. Theresa is another character in the novel that is overtaken by the acceptance of others. We can also look upon characters such as Claire from The Breakfast Club who is afraid to stand up to her own feelings around her friends. In the movie A Cinderella Story, Sam isn’t a popular girl. She grew up without a mother and her father got re0married and died from a natural disaster. We therefore explore the why it is important for individuals to gain a strong sense of self in order to survive the pressures in society. There are several reasons why we act according to society’s expectations. Such social standards exist because it is the best way for most of us to function together without conflict. Most human beings have the need to belong to individuals or groups and in order to do so, some characteristics of individuals and groups have to be similar. Our sense of individuality is developed from the day we were born. As life goes on people grow up and the sense of our individuality comes into contact with other influences such as interactions of others. As individuals continually try to change themselves in order to ‘fit’ into society, they begin to lose grasp of their own individuality. In her novel Bombshells by Joanna Murray- Smith, portrays a story about Meryl Louise Davenport, a single mother of three who is paranoid about how others perceive her. Most of Meryl’s sense of individuality is overwhelmed by the sense of belonging with others. Meryl’s obsession with celebrities, and the...
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