Expository Essay- 3 Things to Bring on a Island

Topics: Meat, Thing, What Would You Do? Pages: 2 (763 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Expository Essay
What would you do if you committed a murder, and the next day you were forced to move to an island with no one but you? You could only bring three things with you. What would you bring? I knew killing someone would be the completely wrong thing to do , but I had to. Telling my father was the worst part. He is making me move to a deserted island were I’m going to live. I only get to bring three things. If I bring animals, power, and some protection, that shows that I can stay alive on the island for a while, without anything going wrong.

One thing I would bring with me when I go to the island is animals. One animal I would bring with me are pigs. I would bring pigs, they are one of the top ten most intelligent animals, if something bad were to happen they might be able to help me out. Another animal I would bring is cows. A reason I would bring cows is because they produce milk and, I could use them for meat. I would not only have something to drink but, I would also get to eat meat. The third animal I would bring are chickens. Chickens are one of the top ten breeding animals, so they could breed and I would be getting more and more chickens. Chickens also lay eggs. So not only would I be getting meat but eggs as well. This states that if I bring animals with me to the island I would be getting a whole bunch of sources of food, plus I would have someone to talk to.

When getting sent to a deserted island there probably will be no power. I think the smart choice would be to bring power. One source of power would be a portable heater. For all the cold nights, I am going to need something to keep me and my animals warm. Even though it might take a long time, it could heat up my food. Another power source I could bring along is a solar generator. I would bring it because if I ever needed to power up my heater I have the sources to do that. Something else I would bring, is a solar light. I would bring a solar light because when its dark out...
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