Exposition on Capital Punishment in Australia

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  • Published : May 30, 2011
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Exposition-Capital punishment

Capital punishment was abolished in Australia since 1964, with many good reasons in support of this action. Death penalty was given to those who are found guilty of having committed a serious crime, by the government. It goes against human rights, shows no signs of deterrence of crime statistically, and there is always a great concern of wrongly charging innocents in case which the errors of justice cannot be rectified. It is basically a certainty that capital punishment could be forced upon innocent people. Execution is often referred to as the ultimate punishment, as death cannot be reversed, it is impossible to compensate innocent people who are falsely sentenced. In most cases, only the accused and deceased truly know what took place. There have been many cases in the past, where the justice system has been incorrect, and a person’s innocence has been proven-after being put to death. Relations between capital punishment and crime rates are virtually nonexistent. Many supporter of capital punishment expect executions to be deterrents of murder, however, there has been no demonstration statistically that killing murderers deters others. Therefore as a deterrent to other murderers the death penalty has proved a failure, shown by comparing the criminal statistics of those countries where the punishment is in force with those of countries where it has been abolished. This is due to the fact that murders are nearly always committed in sudden fits of passion or temporary insanity, when no consideration of reason or self-interest can appeal to the doer. Capital punishment is a direct violation of the most basic human right - the right to life. It immorally removes any chances for rehabilitation and improvement, and terminates all possibility of individuals finding salvation, forgiveness or making amends. It is reported that those who have served life sentences have bettered themselves, having made worthwhile contributions to the...
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