Exports and Revival of Chickankari

Topics: Lucknow, Craft, Arts and crafts Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: November 29, 2010
Generally considered a cottage industry, Indian Chikankari Industry has outgrown its image to evolve into a rapid growing industry with a turnover from US $ 1.2 million to US$ 1.9 billion in the last decade. There has been a consistent annual growth rate of more than 15 per cent over a 10-year period, from 3.6% to a respectable 10% share in global embroidery exports. In 2008-2009, the exports of Indian handicrafts has shown an increase of US$ 298.87 million, i.e. the exports increases by 10.02% over the similar period during 2008-2009. The industry is expected to triple its export turnover to Rs. 39,000 crore by 2009-10 that in turn will also create around 2 lakh new job opportunities. Revival

The industrial revolution and the increasing productivity had slowed down the growth and the quality of arts and crafts, but for some decades now, the scenario has changed and machine-made products no longer attract the people. Presently handicrafts are being considered as vocational media and it is also opted for style statement and the leisure pursuit. Today, the crafts and craftspeople have a vital role to play in modern India – not just as part of its cultural and tradition, but as part of its economic future.

The children in front of their small dingy houses play in the dust, and fight and cry through the day. But their noise hardly deters the women from stitching delicate designs on sarees, kurta pyjama, salwar kameez, shirts, bed-sheets, pillow covers, cushion covers, etc. Love for stitching

It is their love for stitching which keeps the rich chikankari tradition alive in the culturally vibrant city of Lucknow. Around 2.5 lakh chikankari artisans in Lucknow and nearby Malihabad, Kakori, Unao, Bilagram, Alam Nagar, Bijnaur and Bilaspura villages earn Rs 15 to Rs 50 a day from chikankari work. Chikankari exports fetch more than $12.5 million a year for the State and supports a million people in the entire supply chain. Though there is huge demand for...
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