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Sr. No| Particulars| Page No|
1.| Introduction| 3|
2.| Export Assistance| 4|
3.| Export Promotion measures in India | 5|
4.| Fiscal Incentives | 7|
5.| Supply of Raw Materials| 8|
6.| Expansion of production base for exports| 8|
7. | Liberal import of Capital goods| 9|
8.| Rendering Export price competitive| 9|
9.| Fiscal Incentives| 10|
10.| Financial Incentive| 12|
11.| Strengthening Export Marketing Effort| 13|
14.| Star Export Houses| 14|
15.| Export Financing| 18|
16.| Export Promotion Scheme| 19|
17. | Exports of selected products from India| 30|

Exports play a vital role in the economic development of a nation. To increase export earnings, there is a need for efficient marketing. The export marketing managers must have a good knowledge of the various aspects of export marketing. Export marketing involves identification of needs and wants of overseas buyers, and then developing products to generate and enhance customer satisfaction. Indian export marketing managers need fresh thinking about how to operate and compete in the global markets. They need to benchmark their practices and performance against best of class companies from other parts of the globe. Export Marketing is a systematic process of developing and distributing goods and services in overseas market. The focus of Export marketing is on the customer. The exporter needs to identify customer needs and wants, and accordingly design and develop products to generate and enhance customer satisfaction. Normally marketing is undertaken on a large scale and is dominated by MNCs or large corporations. Export Trade is subject to trade barriers- tariff and non-tariff barriers. It is also affected by trading blocs. Certain nations form trading bloc for their mutual benefit and...

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