Exporting Outcome 4

Topics: Marketing, Pricing, Sales Pages: 4 (1256 words) Published: January 6, 2013
A4W2 34
Outcome 4

Beijing Normal University
09 GTB
Zhang Manhong
1.0 Introduction 2
2.0 Selection of suitable product requirements 3 3.0 Factors would affect the pricing decision 3
4.0 Selection of suitable distribution channels 4 5.0 Conclusion 5

6.0 References 5

1. Introduction
The report aims to select suitable product requirements that would meet customer needs and legal needs. Zen plastics through the four ways there are product, price, place and promotion to choose to meet customer requirements in the product. In the report introduces promote Zen plastics of success in Australia and influence factors of market price it relevant decisions. The report detailed analysis of the choice for Zen plastics distribution channel. 2. Selection of Zen plastic suitable product requirements

In terms of customer needs, different markets have different requirements in the color range, sizes styles and product range. Zen plastics should provide the products with some unique combination of new features in Australia market to cater those customer needs. On the other hand, the corporation should help ensure that only safe products are marketed. In particular, suppliers can contribute to safe outcomes by providing clear instructions for proper use. As for meet legal needs, it based on product safety standards. In general, each government set up regulatory frameworks that encourage markets to deliver safe products to consumers. In addition, the product safety problems also should be taken into Zen plastics account. They contribute to safety outcomes by promoting consumer awareness of particular product hazards and...
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