Export Promotion Measures

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  • Published : March 2, 2011
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|SL NO |CONTENTS |PG NO | |1 |Introduction | | |2 |significance | | |3 |Export items and its compositions | | |4 |Ways of exporting | | |5 |Pre-reform period | | |6 |New trade policy | | |7 |Foreign trade policy | | |8 |WTO an exports | | |9 |GDP contribution | | |10 |Literature cited | | |12 |Learning experience | | |13 |conclusion | |



The theory of international trade and commercial policy is one of the oldest branches of economic thought. Exporting is a major component of international trade, and the macroeconomic risks and benefits of exporting are regularly discussed and disputed by economists and others. Two views concerning international trade present different perspectives. The first recognizes the benefits of international trade. The second concerns itself with the possibly that certain domestic industries (or laborers, or culture) could be harmed by foreign competition


"Export" is when you trade something out of the country.

In economics, an export is any good or commodity, transported from one country to another country in a legitimate fashion, typically for use in trade.

An export of a good occurs when there is a change of ownership from a resident to a non-resident; this does not necessarily imply that the good in question physically crosses the frontier. Cross border financial leasing, cross border deliveries between affiliates of the same enterprise, goods crossing the border for significant processing to order or repair. Also smuggled goods must be included in the export measurement.

Export of services consists of all services rendered by residents to non-residents. In national accounts any direct purchases by non-residents in the economic territory of a country are recorded as exports of services; therefore all expenditure by foreign tourists in the economic territory of a country is considered as part of the exports of services of that country. Also international flows of illegal services must be included.


Export means trade across the political boundaries of different nations. No nation is self sufficient and had all the goods that it needs. This happens because of climatic variation and unequal distribution of natural resources. As a result all over the world have become independent, which necessitated foreign trade. Thus, it is evident that export...
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