Export Performence

Topics: International trade, Investment, Least Developed Countries Pages: 12 (3368 words) Published: January 28, 2013
Letter of Transmittal
December 31, 2012
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology

Subject: Submission of export performance of RMG sector in Bangladesh

Dear Sir,
With due respect we would like to submit the report on which was the topic of our assignment. We would like to say that this report was prepared by us under the supervision of our honorable lecturer Md. Shak Forid.

We believe that this assignment has given us a vast opportunity to enrich both of knowledge and experience. We made our best effort to fulfill the objective of the report and believe that it will meet your expectation.

In preparing this report we have tried utmost to include all the relevant information and analysis to make the report comprehensive as well as workable one.

We, therefore, hope that you will enjoy reviewing this report.

Thank you.
MD. Abu Arif
MD. Abdulla Al Tamim
Abdulla Faysal Talukder

Table of Contents

| Description| Page |
| Acknowledgement | 3|
| Executive Summary | 4|
I | Introduction | 5 |
II | Methodology and Data | 6 |
| II.1Revolution of RMG sector| 6|
| II.2 Contribution of the RMG Industry| 7|
II | Results and Discussion | 7|
| III.1 Competitive advantage of RMG| 7 |
| III.2 Growth of RMG industry in Bangladesh| 9|
VI | Concluding Observations | 12|
V | References | 13 |

List of Tables
Table | Title | Page |
1 | RMG industry of Bangladesh are noted| 6|
2 | Trend of RMG Export Volume| 7|
3 | Comparative Statement on Export of RMG & Total Export of Bangladesh| 8| 4| Growth rate of garments in Bangladesh| 9|
5 | Major Country Wise Document| 10 |


At first, we would like to thank our almighty Allah who keeps us healthy & sound minded. Secondly, we would like to thank to our respected teacher Md. Shak Forid the lecturer of school of business of Ahsanullah University of science and technology who has given us the basic knowledge about Submission of export performance of RMG sector in Bangladesh and the relevant knowledge about how to prepare a report.

Last but not least, we wish to avail our self of this opportunity, express a sense of gratitude and love to our friends and beloved parents for their manual support, strength, and help for everything.


At the beginning, the industry was well taken by private entrepreneurs and strongly supported by the policies of the government of Bangladesh. Phenomenal expansion of RMG industry in 1980s and spectacular growth in 1990s were mainly due to preferential treatment from USA and EU under MFA and GSP respectively. However, it was overly dominated by foreign buying houses—particularly in marketing aspects. It is true that foreigners brought indispensable elements like capital, technical knowhow, latest designs and, above all, valued clients for the industry, but the system kept local exporters away from the latest market information. Being a player in a protected market condition, the industry felt little urgency in achieving efficiency in production, export processing and marketing of her product. The industry has been suffering from many bottlenecks such as weak infrastructure facilities, unfair dealings in government offices, inefficiency in port management, and frequent unscheduled hurtles (strikes) because of prolonged political conflict and bad practices of trade unionism. Amid such a disruptive atmosphere, the only reasonable...
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