Export of Towel from Pakistan

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The export of towel from Pakistan to other countries is not generating much revenue but it has some importance as Pakistan ranks with India and China among the world’s leading towel manufacturers. The towel export business is specially a good one for Karachi-based producers, bringing Pakistan $300 million each year from sales to the United States alone. It is also good for urban Pakistanis seeking factory work According to the Towel Manufacturers Association of Pakistan (TMA), the manufacture of nine tons of towels—enough to fill a standard 20x20x8-foot shipping container puts 485 Pakistani men and women to work.

However a closer look finds that other countries trade policies especially America’s trade policy is not facilitating Pakistan’s success in the towel business at all. Instead, unintentionally and probably with the guiders of other countries with Pakistan unaware of this effect it makes the lives of towel manufacturers a bit more difficult and the jobs of their employees a bit less secure.

If we talk about the quality of towel produced in our country Pakistani towel companies manufactures and exports a wonderful collection of pure Towels. The collection consists of terry towels, table linen, bed linen, kitchen towels, hock towels, shop towels, bar towels etc. means the best quality and all types of towel produced in our country.


From the above table you can easily see that Pakistan is the second major exporter of towel in the world its share increased from 7.1 percent in 2001 to 9.8 in 2006 it means we have the good and big international market for towel but the problem is that the towel industry is demanding attention from the government and from the importers of towel as well. So from the above data we can also see that Pakistan maintained its second position continuously from 2001 to 2006 which also the very important thing it means we have the ability to generate a large revenue from this sector the only thing is that the government should pay some attention on its sector. Now let us consider the following table:

The above table shows that the United States is one of the biggest importer of towel from Pakistan and from 2003-2004 its share increased in 2004-2005.United States is on of the Major imparter of towel from Pakistan which makes almost 50 percent of the total export of towel of Pakistan which is the very important thing and it was giving us the idea that if we become more efficient in the production of towel the United States share will obviously increase because in the United States all types of towel from Pakistan is liked very much, so if we become more efficient in the production of towel they obviously increase the import of towel from Pakistan which is obviously very beneficial for the industry of towel in Pakistan.


From the above table you can see all the major exports of Pakistan, export of towel rank at number 9 in the list the total quantity of export of towel increases from 527,813 to 550,719 in the period of July-April 2008-09 to July-April 2009-10 it means the overall quantity of towel exported has the increase of 22,906 and in percentage 4.34 percent. Now let us consider the total percentage share in exports if you see the above table obviously it is decreased a little bit from 3.59% to 3.49% in the period of July-April 2008-09 to 2009-10. Now let us consider the importance of towel in the total share of exports, obviously it is not have the much share but it has the 9th number in the major exports of our country, which means it wants an attention from the owners of towel industries as well as from government because if they use a new technology and produce a great quality, the share of towel will automatically increase and it will contribute much more to the total export of our country from the present value. And from the above table you can also see that the position of towel is much better than other major exports of our country it...
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