Export Management

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I think the main link between the lecture and reading for this week was export planning, market selection and international trade show. For the main learning for this week was the importance of export planning and what will be included in the planning. Market exhibits is another important element for exporter to consider about. Before this week I don’t know what trade show is and how it so important does to exporter. After the reading and lecture I have some knowledge about it and I think the trade show is highly correlated with export planning activity. Now I would like to analysis those one by one. International preparation which provide “prepare in advance to enter foreign markets tend to enjoy better performance.” (Welch, week 4 lecture 2012) This is means a business who want to export better to have a plan for it. Because it could help business have a clear understanding of why export; does export make their business booming? The export plan covers several aspects includes domestic business overview; financial resources; staff; market selection; export mode and distribution; marketing and action plan. I will briefly discuss three elements which I have listed below:

Financial resources
A market budget gives business a view of how much to spend and include what kind of expenditure. Business need management for the cash flow for potential large orders, and the business also need the ability to pay additional expenditure in the export market. This theory supported by Spyropoulou that “financial and experiential resources and communication capabilities should be deployed in order to achieve a branding advantage position and enhanced export performance outcomes”. (Spyropoulou, Dionysis and Katsikeas 2011, page 910) A better plan of financial resources would help business to increase export performance outcomes.

Market selection
This is a significant element as which may help you enter into an adaptive...
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