Export Import Marketing in Bangladesh

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Acceleration of production and expansion of trade result in growth of national wealth. Increased production in export sectors may become the prime mover in the development cycle in a densely populate of Bangladesh like our as this will generate employment opportunities which in turn will generate savings and investment on consequent flow of capital. The prime national objective of poverty alleviation will thus be materialized. Our export trade is featured by the dominance of a few commodities in a narrow market. Such dependence on at limited number of export items targeted a limited market is not desirable for economic development. We must, therefore, aim both at product and market diversification or else our export trade will become stagnant in the near future.  

Our export trade must keep pace with the projected GDP growth @ 7% and make due contribution through increased export earnings. In this exercise it is imperative to identify new thrust sectors, increased export of higher value added items, diversify product wise , ensure products quality, improve packaging, attain efficient productivity. We should aim at marketing quality products at competitive price at the correct time.  

The Export Policy 1997-2002 has been designed to operate in the imperatives and opportunities of the market economy with a view to maximizing export growth and narrowing down the gap between import payment and export earnings.  

Objectives of the Study

Broad Objectives:

The general objective of this study is to determine the present activities of export, import and the significance of their role for smooth, efficient and effective marketing process of export & import products overseas.

Specific Objectives:

• However the specific objectives of the study may be described as:

• To identify the challenges of export Products in the Global Market.

• To sketch the overall condition of the Bangladeshi export & import sectors in the global market.

• Examine the export marketing process of all products through direct marketing & export –Import Company in our country.

• Investigate the obstacles to the efficiency and effectiveness of smooth marketing of products through export marketing.

• To give some recommendation how the products export & import and face the challenges and overcome the obstacles.

• Policy of export & import.

• Facilities, mission, objectives of linked institution of export & import.

• How to use sea-air-land ports for export import marketing.

Scope of the Study

• The study will give a clear idea about the marketing activities of export & import in Bangladesh.

• The study will also help us to understand the role of export import in the economic & socioeconomic development of the country.

• It will flourish obstacles to the existing roles of EPZs, FBCCI, and Ports in exporting the products.

• Finally, ways to overcome the obstacles to their existing roles.


We collected our data from books, and internet. We can’t afford to collect primary data, so we depended on secondary data.

Source of data:

All the relevant data regarding this study are collected from one source. This is:

Secondary data: We need much information for the report, which we get from secondary data. These are:

• Annual Report of EPB.

• Annual report of BEPZA.

• Different types of documents.

• Various published documents from BGMEA

• World Wide Web


First of all, we did not find any primary data specifically on this situation of Bangladesh. For this reason, to get the information of certain topics I had gone through others opinion. We found several problems in finding data, because on this country don’t published few information about export import marketing.

Secondly, Time was one of the major constraints. As our BBA program is so tough, it was difficult to cover and...
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