Export Import Management

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Export procedure and documentation

Export business occurs between two independent nations for expanding business there are some rules that have to follow. Accepting orders from abroad the sellers send their products with a traditional system under this rule. In this case the sellers are treated as exporter. There are various persons, government or non government organizations are involved with export business at present. These persons or organizations are divided into two criteria based on their nature and functions. Such as direct and indirect export. The direct exporters send their manufacturing products abroad themselves. Some companies run their export management system by setting dealers in abroad. In export business the intermediaries are treated as indirect exporters. These classes of exporters do not manufacture any product but export. Most of them complete the direct export exporting by buying products from home market after receiving orders. They are known as export merchant. Again many exporters work as a percent agent. Many intermediaries export product by making contract with manufacturers. They seek for foreign buyer on behalf of the exporters and take orders. They are known as manufacturers export agent. These kinds of exporters also take commission from buyers if they get chance. It is not the matter the exporters are treated in which name they have to do business of course under the international rule and regulations. In every countries this business is controlled and regulated by the government. Without permission of government it is impossible to export any product. For this reason the exporters have to take export license from the government. Beside this a product list is published to clarify that which products are legal for exporting. The exporters cannot export any product out of the list. So we can say that export business is an initiative which is taken by government and non government organization for selling products and services in different countries under certain national and international rules and regulations. In our country the export items are diversified and different kind of facilities are given to the exporters but a successful exporters have to know different aspect of exporting systems, rules, regulations. These rules and systems are discussed below-

7.1: Export registration procedure


Here first exporters have to collect export permit from the office of chief controller of import and export under ministry of commerce. Without legal registration any exporters can’t export any kind of products from Bangladesh. Export permit numbers have to be mention in all papers regarding exporting. Appling in a specific application form the exporters can get export permit from Dhaka ,Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi, Mymensing, Sylhet, Cumilla, Barisal, Pabna, Rangpur and Dinajpur from export import controller office.

The procedure of getting registration from is described below-
1. Collection of application form: the from which area the exporter is interested to export he has to collect applivation form from that region.
2. Filling application form and collection of necessary documents: after collection registration form * Nationality certificate of partner or director.
* Band solvency certificate
* Tax certificate
* Membership certificate o trade association
* Affidavit of first class Magistrate
3. Submission of application form: The application form including signature of exporter have to drop in exporter importer office. There are some procedures. They are- * Main copy of treasury chalan

* Nationality certificate of partner or director.
* Partnership contract in case of partnership business.
* Memorandum for limited company
* Copy of trade license.
* Rent document of office.
* Membership certificate of trade association.
* Affidavit from first class...
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