Export from Netherlands to Russia

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Selling creates the value to both seller and buyer. But to maintain productive, long lasting relations with the buyer the company should focus on creation of value for its buyer. Being the market leader in Industrial Cleaning sphere in the USA we want to create the ongoing relationship through mutual respect, trust, and authenticity. The company is selling not the product itself, but the solution. To offer the solution we have to know the environment, market, technologies, products, channels, buying center and culture of the buyer. So the main goal to our company is to discover the needs and wants of our customer before we start the deal. We recognize that taking a decision may take time, so we will use the development period to reinforce the value of our offering versus potential competition. For our company it will mean offering new options, additional services and some adjustments. To make the company our client we will guarantee to minimize down time, to offer emergency response, and to complete all scheduled operations exactly at the stated time. As far as we provide services to big industrial companies we recognize what are the possible costs of bad-quality or slow cleaning process, thus we offer the solution- we will provide cleaning service at the time chosen by our client, whether it is at night or during holidays. Our sales representative should clearly show the client’s needs are the highest priority to our company. Moreover, we recognize the need for industrial cleaning may vary according to the season, weather, and the load of buying company. To win the order the representative of our company should try to take the role of relationship builder, not the passive seller. We will not describe the features of our cleansers, the different ways of cleaning and chemical characteristics of our products, as we recognize our clients are not professionals in the chemical cleaning, so they are not interested do much in technical details. Rather, they are...
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