Export Finance of SBI

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Title: Study of Export Finance Operations of State Bank of India Objective of study:
* To study the Export Finance Operations of State Bank of India. * To know exporter’s perceptions about various credit schemes of State Bank of India. * To find out main obstacles while getting finance under various credit scheme. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY

Collection of Data: - Primary Data was collected from observation method, interview method & Questionnaire method and for collection of secondary data, brouchure of bank various books from the library on banking were referred. Tools Used| Method Employed|

Research TypeData SourcesResearch ApproachContact methodType & QuestionSample size| Case study method, descriptive,exploratory research, Analytical research Primary & Secondary dataSurvey of bank staff and exportersStructured QuestionnaireOpen ended Questions and close ended questions3 staff members and 20 exporters|

Scope of study
Scope of this project is limited to study of export finance operation of State Bank of India Satpur industrial area branch. Limitations of the study:
1. As most of the information is not revealed by the bank officers, whatever suggestions generated, are based on certain assumptions. 2. The information provided by the respondent (exporter) may not be authentic. 3. Sometimes the respondent (exporter)does not want to disclose some relevant information. 4. Since my study was only highlighting on SBI, I couldnt concentrate or generalize result of other banks Findings

1. Export Finance is a very important branch to study & understand the overall gamut of the international finance market. 2. Availability of favorable Export finance schemes directly impacts the local trade, encourages exporters, enlarges markets abroad, improves quality of domestic goods and overall helps the nation boost its exchange earnings. 3. SBI norms for providing loans are flexible & it may differ from case to case. 4. State bank of India always tend to make available finance for the existing customers (who are exporters) ,who has a good track record and who are in banking relations with state bank of India since a long period, this is done basically to avoid the risk of bad debts and non performing assets.

1. Bank employees should bring more professionalism in their attitude while dealing with customers to retain and attract more customers. 2. The staff in export finance division of SBI Satpur branch seems always to be overburdened, hence there is a need to appoint at least one officer in the department. 3. All the nationalized banks including SBI should try to improve their service level to face the stiff competition given by private banks. 4. Banks should reduce the time length between sanction and disbursement of loan. 5. The bank preferably provides export finance to existing customers, so they may therefore approach and acquire new customers in order to increase the business. Conclusion based on work

It is boom time for those working in the financial sector. There are opportunities galore in finance and more will come in the next few years so finance is exciting is exciting both as a subject and a career option with the greater expansion of the global economy. Finance management is the backbone of any organizations and hence yields a number of job options ranging from strategic financial planning to sales. Conclusion based on learning benefits

The study at SBI gave a vast learning experience to me and has helped to enhance my knowledge. During the study i learnt how the theoretical financial analysis aspects are used in practice during the export finance operations. I have realized during my project that a credit analyst must own multi-disciplinary talents like financial, technical as well as legal know-how. I also undertook additional assignment other than export finance ie mobile banking which also...
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