Export Documentation and Procedure

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The world is forever changing, but the events that have taken place since1989 have been particularly dramatic. There have been border changes, in the name of country changes and technological innovations all of which have contributed to, altering the traditional depiction of countries in both shape and size. Our trading environment in terms of market structure and so we need new tools to deal with these new market dynamics. In this changing environment instead of just developing managers, executives, exporters and importers we need to develop them, to become good competitors. I am trying to provide a simple, verbiage-free and, above all, holistic compendium of principles and concepts pertaining to one of the most important areas of International Business. This course pack is designed in accordance with the requirement of this area, which is practically applicable in the organizations of the country. The main features of this course pack are: 1. In-depth analysis of the latest EXIM policy 2. Simplified explanation of the export-import Procedures. 3. Explanation of all the export-import Documentation. Export-import documentation and procedures is an important area of International Trade. Documentation and policy formalities are required to protect the interests of the buyer and the seller. This course pack has been divided into four parts, each part has its own importance in each of the organizations and countries. The explanations are given below: Part-I This part is related with the Introduction of International Marketing and Exim Policy, which tells about the modes of entry into the foreign market and about the dynamics of Import and export market.

Part II Under this part export finance plays very important role in export- import business. Adequate availability of export credit and attractive terms of payments followed by favourable exchange regulations facilitate the export import business. Shipment of export cargo is also a important area. Exporters are supposed to pack, mark and label the consignment in accordance with the requirements of the buyers. Apart from the selection of proper modes of transport, exporters are also required to comply with the legal aspects of the export business. Part III Government of India have setup several institutions for export promotion. At the same time, various incentives have been provided to the exporters to boost the export business. This part deals with the role of institutional infrastructure for export promotion and various export incentives and procedures for claiming export incentives. PART IV Import plays very important role in the economy of every country, rich and poor alike. Rich countries need to import capital goods, raw materials and technology to ensure an optimum utilization of their production capacity. Poor countries need to import technology and capital equipment to develop industries for accelerating pace of their development. For importing the goods various types of policies and documentations have been discussed in this part. The impact of liberal trade policy has also been highlighted in this part. I hope this study material will be helpful to all whether you are a student, entrepreneur, exporter, importer or marketers. Constructive suggestions for the qualitative improvement of the course pack, if any, will be received and honoured with deep sense of gratitude.





Description of Unit
This unit focuses on effective and efficient planning and management of various EXIM processes and Documentations thereof. It provides students with the knowledge and skills to manage the export Import documents and consignments for optimal result. At the end of module, the student will have a general appreciation of Export - Import Markets enabling them to integrate human and technological...
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