Export and Import Procedures

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Exim Policy & Export Procedure & Documentation

Preliminaries For Exports Registration IEC, RCMC, EPC, C.Excise

Registration of Exporters/Importers
• All intending importers/ exporters are required to register themselves with the following authorities before commencing business; – DGFT( regional authority) for obtaining Importer-Exporter Code Number (IEC Number) – Concerned Export Promotion Councils / Federation of Indian Export Organization) for obtaining Registration- cum Membership Certificates (RCMC) – Registration with Value added Tax Authorities – Registration with Central Excise Authorities

Registration of Exporters /Importers
• Importer Exporter Code Number (IEC) – No person is allowed to export or import goods without obtaining an Importer-Exporter Code Number, from the regional authority, unless specifically exempted, under any other provision of FTP. – Exporter of goods to Nepal or Myanmar through Indo-Myanmar border areas, are exempted, provided that the CIF value per consignment, is below Rs. 25,000.00.

Registration of Exporters /Importers (cont)
• Application For Grant Of IEC Number
– An application for grant of IEC number shall be made by the Registered Office/ H.O., of the applicant, to the Regional Authority, (DGFT-Regional Office), under whose jurisdiction, the Registered Office in case of the company, or H.O. in case of others, falls in the Ayyat-Niryat Form, and shall be accompanied by: • DD or Bank Receipt for Rs. 1000.00 • ST registration certificate or passport copy (for an individual), or copy of the legal authority letter when the application is signed by an authorized signatory. • Certificate from banker of the firm as required • A copy of PAN card duly attested, copies of passport size photographs etc

Registration of Exporters Contd..1
• The regional Office concerned, will grant an IEC number to the applicant, in the prescribed format. A copy of such certificate, shall also be endorsed to the banker. • An IEC number allotted, shall be valid, for all its branches/ divisions / units/ factories, as indicated on the IEC number. • To facilitate collection of license / other documents, identity cards are issued by Regional Authority, to the authorized representative of the applicant.

Registration With EPCs
• Registration with Export promotion Councils/ Commodity Boards/ Authorities – To enable exporters avail of benefits/ concessions given under the FTP, they are required to register with concerned EPC/ C.B /or authority and obtain an registration –cummembership certificate (RCMC) – The Exporter is required to apply in the prescribed format to EPC relating to their main line of business – Status Holder can also obtain RCMC from FIEO. – Application for obtaining RCMC, to be made in prescribed manner & accompanied by IEC code number. If application is granted, EPC or FIEO will grant status of the exporter as merchant exporter or manufacturer exporter

Registration With VAT Authorities
• Registration with Value added Tax Authorities (VAT) – Goods which are to be shipped out of the country for exports are eligible for are eligible for exemption from both VAT & CST. – For this , the exporters are required to register themselves, with the VAT authorities of the state, in which they are located. – The registration has to be done in the manner prescribed by the state VAT authorities.

Registration With Central Excise & PAN
• Registration with Central Excise Authorities – Goods meant for export are exempt from CED. – For this the manufacturer has two options : • either they can deposit CED at the time of clearance from factory • or take refund or avail procedure for export of goods without payment at the time of clearance.

• Obtaining PAN – Exporters & importers who obtain the IEC number are also required to obtain PAN. An application in form number 49A has to be submitted

Other Registrations
• Any exporter who wants to export his goods...
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