Exploring Perceptions of Parents on Head Teachers’ Financial Management Skills in Public Primary Schools in Tanzania

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Journal of Education and Practice
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Vol 3, No 13, 2012


Exploring Perceptions of Parents on Head Teachers’ Financial Management Skills in Public Primary Schools in Tanzania


Juma Saidi Mwinjuma1* Roselan Bin Baki2
Assistant Lecturer University of Dodoma, Faculty of Education, Department of Educational Management and Policy Studies, Currently Pursuing PhD in Educational Administration, University Putra Malaysia

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Educational studies, University Putra Malaysia *E-mail of the corresponding author: saijumwi@yahoo.co.uk

The purpose of this study was to examine the observations of parents on head teachers’ financial management skills in public primary schools in Tanzania. The study was guided by three research questions and used qualitative method, with a case study as a strategy. Interviews were used to collected data about head teachers’ management of financial resources in public primary schools in Tanzania. Findings from the interviews revealed that head teachers are insufficiency of significant financial management skills. Both participants demonstrated that the current disbursement procedure is necessary for school effectiveness. However, findings also revealed uncertainty and sustainability of the funding mechanisms given the current environment of financing primary education. The findings of this study are important for policy makers. Keywords: Public primary schools, financing schools, financing financial management skills, head teachers 1. Background

In Tanzania, management of primary school finances has been a very serious issue in last ten years. This is especially when the government of Tanzania embarked on massive programme; the Primary Education Development Program (PEDP) which started in 2002 following the elimination of school fees. According to Unite Republic of Tanzania- URT (2006), the programme is an effort to translate the 1995 Tanzania’s Education and Training Policy (TETP) and the Education Sector Development Programme (ESDP) into feasible strategies. In implementing the programme, the Government of Tanzania now distributes financial resource directly to schools for acquisition of other educational resources. It implies therefore, management of financial matters related to education and procurement of educational materials is now carried at school level. This idea is related to decentralization policy in this case, primary school administration has the authority to oversee and administer all the financial matters. Thus, the budget of 10 USD has been set and allocated for each pupil to make available other resources for improving quality of primary education (UTR, 2001).However, findings from government reviews indicate that the 10 USD has not been realized in many schools and this implies that the getting hold of educational materials has been directly impeded. In the same line, how the little money is managed and administered in primary schools is yet another great mystery. This suggests the possibility of inherent issues such as frauds and misuse of school finances at school levels leading to the leakage of funds (HakiElimu, 2003). Nevertheless, many head teachers and school committees are unfamiliar with decisions making on financial matters and they lack basic financial management skills, recordkeeping skills as well as familiarity with procurement procedures. It is argued that some schools lack proper financial management skills, leading to contradictions, misunderstanding and deficiencies in the administration and efficient utilization of schools’ fiscal resources (Makongo and Mbilinyi, 2003; Mireny, 2002). 1.1 Problem Statement

Johns and Morphet (1969) emphasize that primary schools which are capable of managing financial resources rationally and effectively are able to acquire enough educational materials necessary for the teaching and learning process to meet the needs of the...
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