Exploring Oil

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  • Published : November 12, 2012
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Saudi Arabian oil company


Saudi Arabian oil company is multinational company today is called Saudi Aramco. It is the largest oil corporation in the world with the largest proven crude oil reserves. The company is located in Eastern reign of Saudi Arabia. Exploration, production, refining, distribution, shipping and marketing are operates by the company. Saudi Aramco published in 1933 when the government of Saudi Arabia allowed for American company called Casco to drill about oil in Eastern reign of Saudi Arabia. In 1980 the Saudi Arabian government acquired full control of Saudi Aramco. The company has reported that oil reserves of about 260 billion barrels it has acquired. Also, it owns 263 trillion cu. ft. of natural gas reserves. It produces 8.5 million barrels a day. Saudi Aramco known as the leader of oil in the world.


Location is known as the key of any business to be worked successfully. Consequence, location is very important for the Saudi Aramco. Hence, Saudi Aramco do having control on each parts which that contains oil and gas in Saudi Arabia. For instance, around five parts contain oil in Eastern reign of Saudi Arabia and it is underneath hands of Saudi Aramco. Explore oil in any part of Saudi Arabia is the first step to be located for the company and it does not cost the company to have the land especially when the land belong to the government. Also, the main site of Saudi Aramco located in the middle of Saudi Arabia and that leads the company to make control of its business easily. However, some parts are totally blank of facilities but it has oil in it. Hence that the company start to establish its facilities to let their worker to take part in a new location and since that the worker are likely to spend their time doing their job as long as possible. In other words, facilities are strongly relevance to productivity.


International and local customers are considered by the company of Saudi Aramco....
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