Exploring Objectification Theory Through Media Output and Seduction Masters

Topics: Seduction community, Pickup artist, Seduction Pages: 6 (2168 words) Published: March 24, 2008
The United States was founded on principles of liberty, justice, and equality for all. In fact, the United States has gone to great lengths to uphold these principles for all. Except for Jews, Asians, African Americans and every other minority. Especially Women. The ‘Other Gender’ has been looked down upon since the conception of man. Previously, it was directed in the stereotype of male superiority, but now a far greater threat to women’s equal rights is emerging. The media has taken to idolizing woman’s perfect form. Sex sells. Not only has the media been a detrimental blow to women, but the emergence of Pickup Artists, men who spend their time seducing women, and their growing population has created a gap between the alpha and the dominated. It is evident that propaganda saturating the media coupled with the cult of Pickup Artists and the unwillingness of the majority of the populous to recognize this as a pressing issue has caused the imbalance between the sexes to grow swift as an epidemic. Objectification theory, studied by Women’s Studies professors and students, is defined as the implicit and explicit sexual objectification of the female body in Western culture producing a multitude of negative consequences for women. The media has a reputation of being a reliable source of information. As such, when it claims that women are doomed to remain single if they don’t have the ‘ideal body,’ the majority believe it. It is difficult for many to realize that only a small percentage has what is considered an ideal appearance, and many women are losing their sense of identity to pursue a perfect figure. The saturation of McDonald’s advertisements, Soda products, and consequently diet aids and food products sends a confusing image to the youth of today. Eating disorders are now the third most common chronic illness in adolescent girls (Adolescent Medicine Committee 3). Ironically, the number one common preventable illness in the United States next to diseases caused by smoking is obesity. Over one-third of all U.S. adults are overweight (Ogden 1). It is no wonder why over one-fifth of all magazine, television, internet and radio advertisements are for weight loss aids and low-fat/carb/sugar foods. On the other hand, advertisements for fast food are just as common. Young women are getting a distorted view of the ‘correct’ relationship one should have with food from the media that it can, and often will, drive them to either obesity or a severe eating disorder. With such focus on weight loss, the average weight in females has in fact increased. From 140 pounds in 2002, the national weight average in women has risen to 162 pounds (March 4). This increase in weight makes ideal women more difficult to find, and men, with all the difficulty they have already with women, have banded together in a cause dedicated to assisting them in finding the women of their dreams. Such is the underground organization dedicated to cause of teaching men to seduce women, labeled the seduction community. PUAs (Pickup Artists) utilize the arts of psychology, manipulating body language, hypnosis, magic tricks and humor in order to create an attraction between themselves and a target woman. Unfortunately, this practice creates an inequality between the sexes which objectifies women and claims man as the dominant. Neal Strauss, former Newspaper Columnist for The New York Times, and now considered the world’s leading PUA by his competition, wrote a memoir of his experience in the seduction community. He grew up unsuccessful with women, who showed him little time or respect, and eventually in all relationships he ended up in the “Friend Zone.” Consequently, he came upon his Holy Grail. Discovering a forum that explained all of the steps and techniques needed to bed any woman, he studied it endlessly. A man, named Mystery, self proclaimed pickup artist in Los Angeles, advertised a workshop on said forum designed to teach men the...
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