Exploring Marina's Relationship in the Novel: 'So Much to Tell You'

Topics: Character, Family, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (589 words) Published: November 17, 2007
The relationships Marina has with different characters in the novel ‘So Much To Tell You' brings about change in her.

Marina is a fourteen year old girl who is severely injured by her Father during a court battle between her parents after their marriage has broken down. Through reading the novel "So much to tell you" by John Marsden it makes you understand how different and complex relationships can be. This is done through the main character Marina and shows how the relationships she has with different characters in the novel bring about changes in her.

After spending twelve months in a psychiatric hospital in which time Marina has not spoken her Mother and Doctor decide that it may be beneficial for her to attend a boarding school called Warrington and be with other girls her own age, bring some normality back into her life.

However Marina feels her Mother has placed her in Warrington so she can continue her own life with her new husband and not have to spend time worrying about her daughter's mental state.

While at Warrington Marina is in a dorm with seven other girls all of who appear happy in life on the outside but through observation she knows that these other girls also have their own problems within their families that they are also trying to deal with.

For example a character who is a tall and beautiful girl named Lisa with many friends, Marina discovers hides in a tree watching the other girls go off for weekends with their families; she may appear happy on the outside but obviously wishes she was going home with her family. Marina also finds Lisa crying uncontrollably on her bed one day, showing her that she wasn't the only one who didn't have the perfect and happy family life she always dreamt of.

Another example is a character called Sophie who was always funny and lively to be around and who Marina also finds crying uncontrollably in the dorm, once again this shows her that not everyone has the perfect life, everyone has some...
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