Exploring Equality and Diversity

Topics: Discrimination, Prejudice, Stereotype Pages: 7 (653 words) Published: May 29, 2013
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity
Unit 1: Exploring Equality and Diversity


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1. What is meant by diversity?
Diversity means different and varied. It is usually used in contrast to equality as to recognise individuals/groups differences. It also means treating every individual equally and placing positive value on diversity both within the community and workplace.

Within our society you’ll find the people are different in many ways for example: gender, ethnic group, age, culture, religion and class.

2. Describe the community you live in. Highlight some of the variations you may observe in terms of: • Interests • Beliefs • Ages
• Lifestyles
• Personal, social and cultural identities.

The community I live in is most certainly a great example of a diverse community. You’ll find people that are interested in different things i.e. I watch EastEnders, my neighbour watches Hollyoaks, I like to play volleyball and once again my neighbour likes to play football. You’ll also find people who have different beliefs i.e. Muslims, Christians, Jews and Hindu.

People from different ages are interested in different things, for example I like to have my family around me, go picnicking together, visit friends while my neighbour likes to stay at home and watch a movie. Other differences that might fall under personal or cultural differences is drinking and socialising, I do it when there’s a special occasion unlike my neighbour whose drinking over two cases of beer a week.

3. Explain how the variations in question 2 contribute to the diversity of the community.

4. Give some examples to explain how diversity:
• Enhances your life
• Enhances the local community
• Enhances this country.

5. Describe what it means to respect people’s differences and why it is important to respect differences.

6. For a person you know, describe the individual factors that make him / her who they are.


|Defining factors |Brief description | |Physical characteristics | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |Emotions | | | | | | | | | |...
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